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Emitting Color

Introducing TwinkleBloom LED Tree Light - Unleash the Magic of Illumination!

Transform your living space into a captivating wonderland with the TwinkleBloom LED Tree Light. This enchanting decorative tree combines the timeless charm of nature with the brilliance of LED fairy lights, making it the perfect centerpiece for any occasion and celebration.

Embrace the Magic of Twinkling Light:

The TwinkleBloom LED Tree Light brings the magic of twinkling stars right into your home. With its 6-10W wattage and 4.5V voltage, this night light creates a mesmerizing aura that adds warmth and charm to any room. Watch as the LED bulbs come alive, infusing your space with a dreamy ambiance that delights both young and old.

Touch the Glow:

Experience a new level of interactivity with the TwinkleBloom LED Tree Light. Powered by touch technology, this tree offers a magical touch switch that lets you control the illuminating glow with a simple tap. Adjust the brightness, create the perfect ambiance, and let the tree light up your imagination.

Versatile Power Source:

Say goodbye to messy cords and embrace the convenience of a dry battery power source. The TwinkleBloom LED Tree Light is designed to be truly portable, so you can place it anywhere you desire. Add a touch of nature's charm to your living room, bedroom, or even take it outdoors for magical evenings under the stars.

Features to Delight:

  • Starry Fairy Lights: Immerse yourself in a starry night experience with these magical fairy lights that dance along the branches of the tree.

  • USB Colorful Lights: Enjoy the freedom of using a USB connection to light up the tree, giving you more options for where and how to use it.

  • DIY Creative Bonsai: Express your creativity with the DIY Bonsai design that allows you to shape the tree as you please, adding a personal touch to your décor.

  • Indoor Decoration Wonder: Elevate your home parties, weddings, and special occasions with the mesmerizing glow of the TwinkleBloom LED Tree Light.

  • Fairy Lights Luminary: Create a dreamlike atmosphere in your kids' bedroom, turning their space into a magical fairyland.

Ignite the Spirit of the Season:

The TwinkleBloom LED Tree Light is more than just a decoration; it's an experience that invokes the spirit of joy and celebration. Embrace the enchantment of illumination with this delightful LED night light, perfect for every holiday season and beyond.

Illuminate Your Home with TwinkleBloom - Where Magic Blossoms in Light!

TwinkleBloom LED Tree Light - Tap into the Magic!

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